Logical Reasoning 3. Solve it with Concept Attainment!

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Teach Logical Reasoning

I'd like to share a tried-and-true instructional strategy you can use to develop learner's logical reasoning: concept attainment. This strategy enables you to “teach the content” while you develop learners’ aptitude for logical reasoning. You can use concept attainment with any of your required curriculum concepts, so no worries about adding on something new.

In concept attainment, students must observe patterns by identifying attributes that distinguish examples from the non-examples of a category. They compare and contrast attributes in the examples. Students must critically observe, think inductively to determine patterns, hypothesize, test, find the rule.

The outcome of the sample lesson is to define the concept of correlation which they will then apply in an experiment to test running shoes. This lesson is part of a STEM problem-based learning (PBL) unit Stop Sports Injuries.  

Note that this lesson’s Talent Goal combines curiosity and logical reasoning (open and focused thinking). Concept attainment is like solving a puzzle. Try concept attainment to motivate and engage students’ active learning!

Source: Paynter, J.L. (2021).  Teach to Develop Talent: How to Motivate and Engage Tomorrows Innovators Today. Corwin. Chapter 8. Teach Today to Develop Tomorrow’s Innovators.


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