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How important to our students are skills such as creativity, logical reasoning, persistence, metacognition, and leadership?

Very important!

The good news is that you can teach these “aptitudes of innovators” right in the context of your current curriculum, today. This self-paced online book study of Teach to Develop Talent: How to Motivate and Engage Tomorrow’s Innovators Today will show you how. You’ll receive dozens of practical tools, resources, and step-by-step directions. Teaching to develop talent is equitable, excellent, evidence-based, and effective!

I’ll be your personal coach, providing you with support, inspiration, and accountability for gaining the maximum benefits from your book study investment.

Upon successful completion of the book study, you will earn 30 certified Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours.

“A clear, engaging guide to reading and reflecting upon Teach to Develop Talent.” CPD Review

You will be able to…

  1. Create a talent development mindset as you challenge and change myths about talent.
  2. Empower learners to discover and develop their aptitudes of innovators.
  3. Build a community of learners through shared understandings about the aptitudes of innovators and their importance in life and careers.
  4. Target the aptitudes of innovators in daily instruction through talent goals that motivate purpose and mastery.
  5. Teach the aptitudes of STEM and humanities innovators through talent-targeted content goals.
  6. Assess/self-assess students’ progress using the talent aptitude learning progressions to create rubrics.
  7. Learn strategies to build Talent Portfolios and use them in student-directed conferences.
  8. Apply the aptitudes of innovators in purposeful problem-based learning studies using the seven design principles that nurture critical, creative, and ethical thinking.

Your Teach to Develop Talent Book Study Includes

  • 4 self-paced online modules with Dr. Paynter's personal video lessons that unpack transformative practices and tools. 
  • The Teach to Develop Talent Reading and Reflection Guide to understanding and applying the tools.
  • 30 certified Continuing Professional Learning (CPD) hours. 
  • Certificate of Professional Learning in Talent Development (30 hours).
  • Special bonus tools not available anywhere else.
  • Option for a live online coaching session with Dr. Jeanne Paynter!

$187- Self-paced online Book Study package 

$100- Have your own personal coaching session with Dr. Paynter!  Ask your questions and share your experiences. The agenda is yours to create! Just add the One-on-One Coaching Session offer at your Book Study Checkout!


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We learn better together! Start a Teach to Develop Talent Book Study with your colleagues.  Each of you has your own personal log in so that you can work in your own space, at your own pace. However, you can share comments with each other (and me) as you move through the modules, and, if you choose, plan face-to-face collaborations at your site.

You will want to work together to apply the new strategies you've gained!

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 Meet Your Instructor:

Dr. Jeanne L. Paynter

For three decades I have been developing and implementing Pk-12 talent development programs targeting the participation and achievement of culturally, economically, and linguistically diverse (CLED) learners.

Now, you can benefit from my extensive work discovering effective strategies to achieve equity in excellence.

  • My advanced degrees were completed at the Johns Hopkins University, a pioneer and world leader in talent development programs and research.

  • The strategies in Teach to Develop Talent: How to Motivate Tomorrow’s Innovators Today have been praised by international experts in innovation education. 

  • However, what is most important to me is what the teachers who have used them have to say!  Read their testimonials and decide if the outcomes they achieved are the outcomes, you want also.  I think they are.

I deeply care about supporting you to be a successful professional who makes a lasting impact!

Remember: This course is not a “one-shot” or stand-alone, but presents the foundation for a complete model, talent-targeted teaching and learning. Additional online courses will build on the investment you’ve made in this course!

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