Equity is a Talent Development Mindset:

Develop diverse talents in an inclusive community!


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This course prepares you with new vision and practical tools for developing all of your students’ talent potential and achievement. You’ll develop a “talent development mindset” that integrates equity with excellence to view all learners’ potential as tomorrow’s innovators, today. Your students gain new confidence, self-efficacy, and purpose as they begin to “talk talent,” identifying these all-important “aptitudes of innovators” in themselves and applying them in daily learning: curiosity, logical reasoning, creativity, insight, persistence, metacognition, leadership (and more!).

You’ll gain practical ways that you can nurture these talent aptitudes, right in the context of your regular curriculum

You will be able to…

  1. Challenge and change mindsets about talent development using the What is Talent? Quiz and debriefing to uncover myths and truths.
  2. Empower learners to self-identify their strengths in the “aptitudes of innovators” and set growth goals using the Talent Aptitude Survey.
  3. Build learner self-efficacy and purpose as you begin to “Talk Talent” (creativity, persistence, reasoning, leadership, etc.) in the context of your instructional plans.
  4. Communicate with parents/families how they can nurture latent talents that may appear “negative” but indicate learners’ hidden potential to be developed.
  5. Teach the aptitudes of STEM and humanities innovators through talent-targeted goals based in your current curriculum.
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Together we can make make a greater impact! Now is the time for your team to sign up for Equity is a Talent Development Mindset! Each of you has your own a personal course log in, so that  you can still learn at your own pace and in your own place!  Use the Comments section in each module to record your "aha" moments so that your team members (and me) can respond!

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 Meet Your Instructor:

Dr. Jeanne L. Paynter

For three decades I have been developing and implementing Pk-12 talent development programs targeting the participation and achievement of culturally, economically, and linguistically diverse (CLED) learners.

Now, you can benefit from my extensive work discovering effective strategies to achieve equity in excellence.

  • My advanced degrees were completed at the Johns Hopkins University, a pioneer and world leader in talent development programs and research.

  • The strategies in Teach to Develop Talent: How to Motivate Tomorrow’s Innovators Today have been praised by international experts in innovation education. 

  • However, what is most important to me is what the teachers who have used them have to say!  Read their testimonials and decide if the outcomes they achieved are the outcomes, you want also.  I think they are.

I deeply care about supporting you to be a successful professional who makes a lasting impact!

Remember: Equity is a Talent Development Mindset is not a “one-shot” or stand-alone, but presents the foundation for a complete model, talent-targeted teaching and learning. Additional online courses will build on the investment you’ve made in this course!