Dr. Jeanne Paynter

Dr. Jeanne L. Paynter is a writer, teacher, and consultant. She founded Educating Innovators to partner with schools and families to achieve the mission that all learners discover and develop their unique potential to be tomorrow’s creative problem solvers who change our world for the better. 

Jeanne’s wide variety of experiences in K-12 and higher education have focused on creativity and talent development, leading her to design a new instructional model, talent-targeted teaching and learning which is presented in her book Teach to Develop Talent: How to Motivate and Engage Tomorrow's Innovators Today.  Her work as a gifted program coordinator and faculty in curriculum at McDaniel College in Maryland and in creativity and innovation at Johns Hopkins University have informed the research for this model.

As the state specialist for gifted and talented education at the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE), Jeanne directed numerous grant projects to increase the participation and success of low income and minority students in PK-12 advanced programming.  Previous to her work at MSDE, she was the Coordinator for Gifted Education and Magnet Programs K – 12 in Baltimore County Public Schools, a large urban-suburban district.  Currently she serves as the President of the Maryland Coalition for Gifted and Talented Education (MCGATE).

Jeanne’s personal passions are motivation, creativity, and talent development in K-12 education, and she has made numerous presentations on these topics to national and international audiences. In addition, she has authored award-winning research on the topic of intrinsic, extrinsic, and moral motivation. 

Jeanne earned her Master’s Degree in Gifted Education and Doctorate in Teacher Development and Leadership from the Johns Hopkins University and a Bachelor of Science degree in English from the Towson University. She resides in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

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“In today’s world, where there are new technologies and innovations created every day, we need people who can fill these new jobs. Our students need to become more than great test-takers."

- Ellen Asregadoo, Teacher, Public School 190

"One of the strengths of this book is that it takes the idea of teaching to develop talent and illustrates how it can be incorporated into the standards and units that are already happening in the classroom. Another is the fact that it focuses on what kind of thinkers we want our students to become beyond the high stakes tests and content standards."

- David Grossman, Science Teacher, Elizabethtown High School

"As a coordinator in a large school district, if I could rely on only one book to ensure the development of every student, then it is Teach to Develop Talent."

- Kimberley McMenamin, Coordinator

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