What if…. we viewed every learner as tomorrow’s innovator, today?


Develop Diverse Talents in an Inclusive Classroom! 

Equity is a Talent Development Mindset

A Self-Paced, Interactive Online Course 

Equity in education. What does that mean to you? Equal access to high-quality opportunities?

Yes, but our children come to school with so many inequalities, don’t they? Circumstances beyond our control. It can become frustrating and exhausting for us to meet so many different needs.  

I want to share with you something powerful I’ve discovered—something over which we DO have control.

And, it can make all the difference – for our students and in our own professional lives.

What’s that? A talent development mindset!


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 We show you how to maximize each child’s potential.

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Dr. Jeanne Paynter

Dr. Jeanne L. Paynter is a writer, teacher, and consultant. She founded Educating Innovators to partner with schools and families to achieve the mission that all learners discover and develop their unique potential to be tomorrow’s creative problem solvers who change our world for the better.


"In Teach to Develop Talent: How to Motivate and Engage Tomorrow’s Innovators Today, Jeanne Paynter presents a brilliant way to cultivate future innovators by developing their talents. This is a very thoughtful, visionary, and practical book for educators."

- Yong Zhao, Foundation Distinguished Professor

"Gardner defined multiple intelligences in the 80s, Wiggins defined backwards design in the 90s, Daggett started the century off with the rigor/relevance framework, followed by Dweck who defined fixed and growth mindsets. Paynter’s Teach to Develop Talent is the next education revelation."

- Charla Bunker, Teacher Whittier Elementary Great Falls, MT

Learn how to identify and develop students’ cognitive and social-emotional skills, including curiosity, creativity, reasoning, persistence, empathy, and more.


"Finally, a book that describes in depth how to teach and assess the essential skills most needed to thrive in the innovation era. This book deserves to be read, re-read, annotated, and dog-eared by every K-12 educator."
- Tony Wagner, Senior Research Fellow, Learning Policy Institute 

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Five Keys to Motivating Every Learner eBook

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We all know how important motivation is in learning and for the ultimate success and happiness of our children. This book gives practical tips for educators and parents. Would you like to know…

  1. Tips for tapping into interests?
  2. Ways to energize intrinsic motivation (that leads to achievement)?
  3. How to challenge learners and develop skills at the same time?
  4. Why setting the right goals leads to long-term success?
  5. How to recognize and challenge different motivation mindsets?