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Equity in education. What does that mean to you? Equal access to high-quality opportunities?

Yes, but our children come to school with so many inequalities, don’t they? Circumstances beyond our control. It can become frustrating and exhausting for us we try to meet so many different needs. 

I want to share with you something powerful I’ve discovered—something over which we DO have control. And, it can make all the difference – for our students and in our own professional lives.

What’s that? A talent development mindset!

A talent development mindset believes that all children have unique abilities (I use the term aptitudes or talents) that we can identify and nurture – right in the context of our current curriculum and classroom, beginning NOW.

But the real power, and the true equity, comes in having our students develop their own personal talent development mindsets. I will show you simple tools to do that.

You won’t experience anything more inspiring than hearing your students talk about themselves and their peers as talented, valuable, and purpose-driven achievers.

This is not about pricey programs that promise to raise students’ reading and math scores or even moods.  Those changes are often short-lived, and I’ll bet you’ve experienced that.

In my online course, you’ll gain practical and effective strategies to transform your teaching and students’ learning through a talent development mindset.

I look forward to working with you in Equity Is A Talent Development Mindset

Dr. Jeanne Paynter

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Dr. Paynter has a true passion for guiding educators into becoming teachers that can develop students' individual talents, so she makes herself available and gives very insightful feedback. I will surely take all that I have learned through this course with me throughout my teaching career and I can't wait to share what I have learned with others.

Jazmine Banks, K-6 Teacher 

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