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Equity is a Talent Development Mindset Online Course

Create an inclusive learning community to develop diverse talents! This course gives you effective and actionable strategies and tools.

Your Course Package: 

  • 7 self-paced online modules that unpack transformative practices and actionable tools

  • 24 Classroom-ready PDF resources

  • 30 hours certified Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

  • Certificate of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in Talent Development

  • Special bonus tools not available anywhere else

What Educators Say:

I was very excited to sign up for Dr. Jeanne Paynter’s course. Dr. Paynter’s idea that ‘identifying and nurturing individual talents focuses effort and is the foundation of a growth mindset’ was transformational. Because of this course, I now strive to create a talent development mindset. The tools Dr Paynter provided in using talent targeted language proved invaluable. I highly recommend her book and course to all teachers.

Alicia H. Fisher

Dr. Paynter’s approach to talent development is practical and effective. As a result of her course, I’m better able to identify and foster my students’ potential as I plan and deliver instruction. Using academic content as a springboard for developing innovative talents has been such a valuable technique!

Mitchell Hall

I felt I did not have enough in my teacher toolbox to understand talent development, nor did I have strategies to keep my students engaged. Since taking this course, I now have an understanding of what these students want and need to encourage engagement and motivation. Dr. Paynter’s course has changed the way I approach my lesson/unit planning and the course text, “Teach to Develop Talent” has become a go-to tool that I reference weekly.

Deana Burnside